Actions speak louder than words.

Traditional online advertising is irrelevant and costly, reviews are of dubious quality and authenticity, and physical advertising is a thing of the past. Hiccup fixes all of this.

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What You Get
A simple, practical, and sustainable way of driving foot-traffic to your small business.

Local Demand

Access local market data you can act on. Uncover local market trends to get key insights into your customers behavior - and an easy way to get in front of them.

Ease of Use

Hiccup automates everything that's on rotation: happy hours, sporting evetns, product rotations, and any other event. One time setup = passive foot-traffic thereafter.

Total Freedom

Reach potential customers any way you see fit: Sale. Band playing. Promotion. Artist on display. Tasting. Workshop. Keynote. Whatever you want.

Events can be created at a moments notice, or scheduled as needed and automatically pushed to all other major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and your website so you only have one point of contact.

How It Works


You Create Events

Happy hours, sporting events, new products and services, tastings, music, anything... save templates for common use, automate what's on rotation.


People Show Up

No coupon redemption or waving phones around to verify, they simply walk in like it's any other day.


Only Pay for Results

We automatically charge $.25 for anyone who's joined your event in-app and physically walks into your establishment. They don't show up, you don't pay.
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