Hiccup is a new way to experience local.

A new way to experience local.

We know where businesses are located. It's time we know what's happening there, and who's there.

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About Hiccup

We have one goal: to help people find new things to do, and new people to do them with. In a world where thousands of things are happening around us every second, we aim to bring forward all actionable things of interest. It's not about the places you go, it's about the things you do and the experiences you have. We bring forward those experiences, locally.

Hiccup gets people together!

For People

We don't go places, we do things. Hiccup is a bird's-eye view of all things new, on rotation, or happening, locally. From happy hours to sporting events, local bands to farmers markets and street festivals, or promotions to tastings - Hiccup covers everything.

Hiccup is great for business!

For Businesses

Hiccup offers a simple way for you to drive foot-traffic to your small business. You'll get complete creative freedom in your event creation, and real-time stats about how you're preforming. The best part is, it doesn't cost you a penny if it doesn't bring people to your store.
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Hiccup builds community!

For Community

An engaging, enriched, and connected community is what keeps our local, and macro-economy alive. For our part, we support buying local and encourage intelligent local entrepreneurship by providing smart data that small establishments usually don't have access to, which lets you direct foot-traffic where it's needed.
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Hiccup founder River Place

River Place

Co-founder & CEO

River grew up off-the-grid at 9,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains with solar panels for electricity, no running water, an outhouse, and a wood stove for warmth. This has given him a unique perspective on what's missing and needed in the world. As Hiccup's visionary and chief business-strategist, he has forged strong partnerships and a compelling strategy in bringing Hiccup to market.

Hiccup founder Joshua Farray

Joshua Farray

Co-founder & CTO

Josh is a SF Bay Area native and a life-long nerd. He has been building software for the past 15 years and growing his own boutique development firm for the past 4. His entrepreneurial spirit and obsession with all-things-code have guided his design & management of Hiccup's development.

Directors & Advisors

Hiccup advisor Phil Greenberg

Phil Greenberg

Phil is a founder, board member, and angel investor actively involved in several early stage startups. He held key technical leadership roles at Intel before his obsession with early stage companies led him to join Entefy, a Silicon Valley startup revolutionizing digital interaction.

Hiccup advisor Don Metzger

Don Metzger

Don is a highly qualified C-Level senior executive with over twenty years of experience in building technology companies. He is an active angel investor network member since 2007 and currently serving on two BOD's for early and growth stage companies in CA and UT.